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It was announced yesterday that the same transphobic speaker who rented rooms from Vancouver Public Library and Toronto Public Library is scheduled to be on a panel at Seattle Public Library. Seattle Public has responded to critics of this decision with the same trite defenses that VPL and TPL have, and will no doubt move to dismissing those critics as naive or confused, as per the usual playbook of library leadership. I thought it would be worthwhile rounding up my posts on intellectual freedom and the TPL event here, in reverse chronological order.

Virtue Ethics and the Coming Crisis

Free Speech and Discourse Analysis

Taking Words Seriously

Two Democracies: The Library and the Multitude

Aftermaths and New Beginnings

Truth and Consequences

The Discourse of Room Rentals

Dialectics and Social Responsibility

Commmunity, Value, and Worth

Spinoza, Necessity, and Compulsion

Necessity and Intellectual Freedom

Constituent Power and Intellectual Freedom


Sam Popowich

Discovery and Web Services Librarian, University of Alberta

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